Júlia Bertoncello


Countertop Appliances

My role: User Experience Designer

Team: Whirlpool Latin America

When/Where: 2013/2014 - Brazil


The Countertop line by KitchenAid is elegant, innovative, professional and versatile. The products are designed to instigate passion, facilitate and improve the use experience by offering an entire line of appliances that helps the customer throughout all the steps of the cooking process.

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User Experience

The main goal was to ensure the best quality of the product use experience by performing usability tests and heuristic evaluations in order to adapt them to the needs and habits of the Brazilian profile.

As KitchenAid products are still quite unknown in the Brazilian market, due to its selected consumer profile, it was noticed that many of Whirlpool's employees also had limited knowledge about the brand's product line. Hence, a new project was created with the goal of offering "cooking experiences" to employees from different areas of the company, such as logistics, sales, marketing, engineering and quality. By having the opportunity to use the products applied in real use situations, employees started having more affinity with the products they manufacture and sell; and to understand the real value of the experience of using a KitchenAid product.