Júlia Bertoncello


Water Purifier

My role: User Experience Designer

Team: Whirlpool Latin America

When/Where: 2014 - Brazil


This product is a water purifier and was created to offer practicality, versatility and a more universal design. With 3 temperature levels, natural, cool and cold, it adapts easily to the Brazilian target needs since low temperature water is very consumed in Brazil during the majority of the year.

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User Experience

In addition to the unique filter system with antibacterial protection, the product has a gradual display that indicates the filter life and the correct time to replace the refill.

Moreover, the product offers all information in Braille as well, aiming to offer greater accessibility to its users.

The product also has keys with built-in light making it possible to detect its function even without ambient light, offering comfort to the user at any time of day or night.