Júlia Bertoncello

Consul Mais

The Beer Mini-Fridge was designed to offer, beer in the perfect temperature practically and quickly. Its concept is innovative and brought a solution to a very frequent issue in Brazilian households: the difficulty of cooling a beer to an ideal temperature without freezing it.

My role: User Experience Designer

Team: Whirlpool Latin America

Beer mini-fridge

When/Where: 2013/2014 - Brazil



Designed to be modern, urban and contemporary, the beer mini-fridge has the space to store up to 75 beer cans of 350ml. Due to the possibility of moving the internal shelves, it can also store different beer packs such as bottles and kegs. The product also has an exclusive cooling technology and temperature control through a display, which varies from 5° to -4°C.

Experience Design

Aiming to manufacture a quality product which is practical and compliant with consumer requirements, several researches, such as heuristic analysis, ergonomic tests and usability tests, were performed. In order to ensure the best use experience for this product, a field test was carried out during one year. Such test including the target audience analyzed all the interaction of the product with the environment/consumer in order to improve the product up to its release.