Júlia Bertoncello

Brastemp Gourmand

The Brastemp Gourmand Electric Oven took the Italian design to Brazil. The main requirement was to develop a potent however classic product to satisfy the public passionate about the art of cooking.

My role: User Experience Designer

Team: Whirlpool Latin America

Premium Electric Oven

When/Where: 2014 - Brazil



The Oven reaches the ideal temperature without the need of pre-heating; it has 12 functions to help in the preparation of dishes amongst Grill, Turbo Grill, Defrost, Keep Warm, Fermenting, Pre-Roast, Large Roasts and Slow Cooking. Also, it also includes the exclusive function, Forced Air Convection, which potentiates the hot air circulation and the uniform distribution of heat inside the oven making it possible to roast up to 3 different courses at once without mixing the smells.


The electric oven includes a book with 30 pre-programmed recipes, that if selected, the oven will automatically adjust the temperature, function and cooking timer.


Its slim panel and touch display are intuitive and anti fingerprint, thus avoiding fingerprints on the screen.

Experience Design

A long study was carried out with the product in order to make the display navigation fluid e intuitive. Also, the functions and recipes used in Europe have been adapted according to the Brazilian culture, preference and routine.